The Hidden Paw (hiddenpaw) wrote in jamclub,
The Hidden Paw

Welcome to the Jam Club

This community is here to help people from any music scene get together to create music of thier own. Read the comunity description for details and then join and post.

Here is my starter for ten. I'm based in west London alnd looking for folks to Jam with. I'm in to numrous styles so if you want to get together for a bit of music makeing reply here and suggest a style.
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Although for listening I'm mostly a goth when I'm makeing music I tend to slip mostly in to blues. Jamclubs only small right now of course. I kind of hope more people will find it so people close to each other can colaborate (If your up for a bit of a jam let me know btw I'm no musical genious but I'm sure something can be pulled together).

Even distance may not be a problem due to a great idea in the last thread for working together with others at a distance I hope we will have that going some time soon.

In the mean time I have some free time right now till my new job begins but I have no Idea how quick that will be.

PS-I'm so west London I technicaly count as middlesex.