Joe (papajoe) wrote in jamclub,

3/4 bass

I get really confused by jazzers and classical cats... WHat makes jazz jazz? I mean SOOO many people would say Improvisation, Swing, Extended chords, Syncopation...I duno.. it to me is what ever you can groove to, I mean Jazz... Jazz i think is Good o'le New orleans cats playing some standards and having a great time. I mean People like Joe King Oliver with Armstrong, Endmund Hall, Oscar Moore, Earl Hines... you know I love Swing and Bop but I just can't get into Avant Gaurde, Free jazz, Acid jazz even alot of Miles and Coltrane and Henderson... I love Jazz and classical music, Classical music also has imprviosation not just that typical "cadensa" crap but Beethoven was known for his improvised variations. People used to flock to see Handel and  I think Mozart battle.

Jazz i think is more than what just the name you give to that unmarketable music you can't help but envelop urself in. It's like a state of being... You can like "Jazz" but it's so heavy.... it's so intense! it's different to every one but like i siad I feel Jazz is more than that CD rack with CLifford Brown and Barry Harris and Fletcher henderson and Jimmie Blanton ya know
it is a feeling and an understnading... a respect a life style... anything! it is a music but it's more... it almost wow a religion ahahahha no no no no... It's so divcerese.. THE ONLY ARTISTIC MASTERPICE AMERICAN MADE AND GIVEN TO THE WORLD!!!  But you strip all that away and you have this Four letter word... Ever hear "and no four letter words!" Jazz... a curse word? ahahah ok that is just stupid but I LOVE It.... Can some one explain why so many musicians solo and improvise ugly sounding music... and it's great. I mean if it sounds ugly it's bad no matter how sophisticated it maybe be, SOLOING a tritone a way in a mixoldian decending sequence resolving to the subtituted minor ii-v-i inverted.. PLEASE... if it sounds good and it's comlicated GREAT
and if it sounds greta and it's simple NICE and if it tells a story.. like Charle Mingus , his stuff may be out there, but baby! you can feel it, you can't tell where he is going, he;s telling a story with his solos and GOD DAMN it's weird, dissonant but OH!!! does it sing.

I AM SO TIRED OF COOL JAzz, i've read books where they say Duke Ellignton invented cool jazz ahahahah obviosuly not MIles style cool jazz but i mean it was alwasy described as hot... ".. and his HOT five" ".. and the red HOTS" soo hello  BUT Explain to me modern jazz.KENNY G IS NOT JAZZ he has even said it himself I mean I analayze the solos, understand the harmonies... but I just don't like it... WHY are you amazing if it sounds bad...SORRY i was so werid but all this stuff jumped on my mind... I LOVE MUSIC... and I really feel I am open to so much, On the last CD i burned I had Gordon MacRea singing summer time ( a movie star from the 40'-60's), Nat King COle, Guns 'n roses, Ella, Diana
Krall, Caruso,Clapton, BB King, Bing Crosby, Al Jolson.  and I was just listeigng to  Paglaci so... if you have any suggestions on some music to listen to... PLZ tell me!!!
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