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The Jam Club

Find Bands and Jams

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Welcome to Jam Club
The pourpous of this community is to help musicians of any style find people to Jam with or to form bands with and to find places for them to meet. Also it can be used for spreading any good advice you have on good jam sessions.

There are several ways you can use this group:
You could post that you are trying to form a band of a particular style (Or no particular style at all) and where you are based and ask if anyone anyone else in your area is interested You can also post what instuments you are particualy after.

You could post that you are having a Jam session in a particular area and ask if folks are interested in that.

You may post that you are looking for some place to have a jam or that you have an apropiate place.

You may post about exsperiences you have had.

The one thing I suggest is that you do not post your physical address here. if people want to join your jam give them an email address and post it to them in particular. This you do own risk.

This group is for no particular style of music blues, jazz, goth, rock, hiphop, rap. so the floor is open to all.